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The life of a child of God

where will YOUR face be?


Okay. First and most importantly, I love Jesus. He is the rock of my salvation, and the reason I exist.

Now that we've gotten that straightened out, lets move on to my other hobbies...I adore singing and acting...any of my friends could testify to that!

i am not: too young
i love: cautiously
i hate: careless declarations of "love"
i hope: i (soon) learn to be content with God's timing
i hear: my doggies barkin and my mamma talkin to my aunt about Kalaloch!!!
i regret: believing someone cared for me...only to get my heart torn apart
i cry: when too much is burdening my heart
i care: about the feelings of friends and family...and too often about my own selfish desires
i'm always: a sucker for big hugs
i long to: be caught up in my true-love's arms...whoever he is...
i feel alone: often
i listen: when a loved-one cries out (well...i try...)
i hide: my feelings...far too often
i drive: because my bros are always on the move...and when it is for me, i enjoy every minute of it
i sing: all the time, because it makes me happy, and because it glorifies the Lord
i dance: hardly at all
i write: when my mind over-works itself
i breathe: every day :P
i play: games w/my friends (wednesday's gonna rock :P)
i miss: Massachusetts
i search: for my purpose here...
i learn: acedemics slowly (sometimes)...but it usually sticks
i feel: God's grace and mercy never ceasing ("You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same...")
i say: things i shouldn't, and then regret them for a LONG time...
i succeed: not as often as i could hope...but God is good.
i fail: when i do not try
i dream: larger than life
i sleep: all the time :P
i wonder: what I will do with my life...
i want: too much...
i worry: quite a lot...
i have: more than i deserve...
i give: not half as much as i should...
i fight: with my brothers (alot) and my parents (more than i should)
i wait: for someone to tell me what this thing called life is...
i am: Emily
i think: my faith in God is extremely lacking at the moment.
i can't help the fact that: I'm a Christian


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