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OK guys....

I'm going to mainly be blogging on my tumblr account now..
I really like the format of it, and since I'm not really sure if anyone reads what's on my livejournal anyways, I might as well switch sites.

If you wanna keep up with me, here it is:


Quick Update:

I am almost 100% set to graduate at the end of this year!!!!
I just have to get one more dumb science class out of the way.........

I am currently planning a trip to backpack in Europe with my lovely friend Alli Doyle next year...It is going to be very interesting raising the MONEY for this trip...so prayers would be nice =) This is something I have wanted to do for a LONG time...so I'm so thankful the opportunity has been presented to me in such an amazing way! Alli knows people all OVER Europe, so we'll only have to pay for a few hostiles...otherwise our room/board is covered! We're also planning this trip in the cheapest way we can...sure, we'll do some touristy things...but for the most part we're gonna save our bucks!

Little Women was a great success...I miss everyone SO much. That was one of the best shows I have EVER been in. ever. I had sisters and another mommy, and a rascally brother (oh Laurie...). I loved the relationships developed in the show, and I love the character I was able to form of such a well-known literary character. The show got some GREAT reviews, and I am so happy I was able to be a part of it (to think...I wasn't gonna be in a community theatre show at ALL this summer. It was completely spur of the moment...ha. Gotta love life's little surprises). I'm sad for those of you who didn't get a chance to see it...'cuz it was a ROCKIN cast.

And now I'm getting ready to close Stop Kiss here at CWU.
(we have tonight's performance and tomorrow's, then...done)
Let me tell you...it has been an interesting experience, full of ups and downs, but I have learned SO MUCH about acting!
One of my teachers came up to me today and told me how proud she was, and it made me really happy...she asked me if I was proud as well, and y'know...I really am! I have jumped some huge hurdles with this rehearsal process...and I feel like so much stronger of an actor. So thanks to all who gave me the opportunity and who have helped me develop along the way!

I have been thinking so much recently about how much I want to SING.
I was singing in the shower today (sorry neighbors) and just realizing how much my voice has grown (much of which is due to Little Women =) in the past year...
I want to USE it!!!
There just...aren't very many opportunities.
Although...Alli Doyle and I are planning on doing open mic night as soon as Stop Kiss closes.
GRRRR I just wanna sing, darnit =/

haha but other than the frustration in that field, I am quite content with where my life is right now..
And that's another great thing...my relationship with Jesus has grown a lot recently...He has been pushing me around and making me grow and it's exactly what I need (of course...why else would He be doing it? =P).
I feel like I'm learning to trust in His will for my life...Now, I still have a while to go...but that's the beauty of a journey with the faithful creator--the father of lights--the almighty loving savior: I know that no matter where I go & no matter how I get there, He'll be with me every step of the way =)

Another really neat thing in my life right now is...and he's gonna hate me for mentioning him, I'm sure...my wonderful boyfriend Adam =)
Things long-distance aren't always super fun (I miss him a LOT), but we get by alright.
I'm so thankful God brought such a wonderful man into my life =)

OK. I'm done gushing...for now...

So that's that.
I guess it wasn't a SUPER quick update, but I really haven't written here in quite a while!
I'll try to keep this updated a little more regularly..but I can't promise anything =P

Limitless Riches

...who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy
1 Timothy 6:17

Our Lord Jesus is ever giving and does not for a solitary instant withdraw His hand. As long as there is a vessel of grace not yet full to the brim, the oil shall not be stayed. He is a sun ever shining, He is manna always falling round the camp, He is a rock in the desert ever sending out streams of life from his smitten side; the rain of His grace is always dropping, the river of His bounty is ever flowing, and the wellspring of His love is constantly overflowing. As the King can never die, so His grace can never fail. His mercies are new every morning and fresh every evening. Who can know the number of His benefits or recount the list of His bounties? The countless stars are but as the standard-bearers of a more innumerable host of blessings. How shall my soul extol Him who daily loads us with benefits and who crown us with loving-kindness? Oh, that my praise could be as ceaseless as His bounty!

-Charles Spurgeon


I SUCK at not talking.
That's what I was supposed to do today, and although I didn't talk a WHOLE lot, I still didn't stop completely.
Tomorrow I will though. Until the I get to the theatre, of course. But even then, I'll slowly warm up my voice and let people know I'm not in the chit-chat-mood...........
Gr. This is quite difficult.
But boy has it paid off...my voice has MADE it =)
We did the entire show for the past week every night (ok some nights we didn't make it...but we repeated some songs...so it was basically the same amount of singing/talking) and I still have a voice! dedeeee!!!

I'm so proud of myself, too...'cuz as well as keepin tabs on myself vocally, I have stopped drinking coffee (and only had a cup of earl grey here and there for caffeine), I have upped my water intake, and (for the most part) I've been getting better sleep.

I'm a little worried about going back to school.
I'll have to be a bit of a party pooper the 1st few weeks, so all of you Central peeps who read this, please understand...I probably won't be partying or hanging out late nights because I NEED to stay rested.

That said, I really am excited to be out in the burg again...in my new apartment!
Brittle came and saw the show last night and it was so good to catch up with her (but we were good. She did most of the talking, don't worry =). I've only seen her...twice this summer? And they were always for business purposes. So it was lovely to chat over a cup of tea and have sister time again......MAN I've missed her.

Well I should probably get to bed now.
Tomorrow, we open Little Women. yikes!
I got a really good tip today from someone who saw our final dress, and I'm really excited to apply it to tomorrow's performance. Hopefully it will make my character even stronger =) =) =) And it's always wonderful to improve, right?

Goodnight all.
If you wanna come see the show, go to cstock.org and click the tab that says "cstock tickets"
We have reserved seating now, so get the good seats while they're hot =)

<3 M

OK...I have another plea.

School starts September 23rd and as I have been working out expenses and budgets and so forth, I have come to realize I am not at ALL financially prepared...

Avon is helping some, which is nice =)
Campaign 19 just went in today, but there are plenty of awesome upcoming sales in Campaign 20 that you're gonna wanna get your hands on. And in Campaign 21, we introduce our "Anew Reversalist w/Activinol!" A serum and night cream set which literally repairs wrinkles. No surgery needed =)
Take a look at my page, please. If you are a gal who just goes to the drug store to buy your makeup when you need it, I assure you. Once you take a look at the amazing prices Avon has to offer, you'll never go back again! I know this sounds like a salesman pitch, but please. Just look.


I am also looking for some other odd jobs to do while I'm still in town, so if there's anything you need done, please let me know!

Dear Pandora,

I am so so so sick of Jack Johnson playing on
of my stations.

Unfortunately, I don't want to "thumbs down" him though, 'cuz I like nearly every band related to him.
Therefore, I propose you create a "don't play this band" button.

Thank you.


quote by Anne Frank

I'm house sitting this week and next.
This family I'm house sitting for has a dog and a cat, both very friendly =)
When I walked in the door, the dog could not stand still he was so excited to see me! (the constant movement also no doubt had to do with the fact that he really needed to go to the bathroom...but he was still very excited I was there).
I love taking little tours of peoples' houses. Especially ones that are well lived in and loved...
This house, for instance, has so much character in it. There are pictures EVERYWHERE, both photography and other forms of wall art, and each room has a different sense of style, but none differ so much as to clash terribly with the last. There's a flow from room to room of careful planning and love.

I can't wait to one day be able to do this for my own home.
haha it is very likely my house won't be quite as clean as this one. I'm sure there will be a little more chaos than calm...but it will be a home.
I have all these ideas in my head of what this home will look like........
Some day =)

I'm going to Ellensburg this weekend!!!
I am SO excited (if you couldn't tell).

Y'know. I definitely thought I had something to say......and I really don't.
Oh! haha so do you want to hear about a stupid Emily moment?
of course you do...
I thought my Zune was broken.
I haven't used it for months and months and months...and I finally brought it upstairs so I could call Microsoft and get it fixed, and there was a zune cord sitting there...so I said to my brother "hahaha wouldn't that be funny if it just needed to be charged?"
So i plugged it in.
And it started up again.

way to go, Emily.
Hey. At least I have some tunes for my ride there and back now!

awesome......samuel just turned "the climb" by Miley Cyrus on in the other room.
And him and Matt are singing it at the top of their lungs.
I just love this family.
Oh and now it's some Taylor Swift =P

I'm fairly positive we have consumed 3 pots of coffee today. And we have a 12-cup coffeepot.
That's messed up.

HEY! So I have a house-sitting job lined up for the next couple weeks!
I'm so excited =) I'll actually have a bed to sleep in!
And what's nice is it's close enough to home that I'll be able to visit all the time but I'll still have a place to get away =P

Ok.......this thrown-together post has been random enough.
Mark your calenders, guys!
September 18-October 11 is Little Women!
And it's gonna ROCK.

<3 M

P.S. If you need headshots, family photos, errands run, etc. I'm your gal.

P.P.S. youravon.com/emilyusher


So...I was unable to get a job.
But I have been blessed enough to get "hired" by this wonderful woman who paid me $13 an hour to weed her spacious garden and is now paying me the same rate to weed her father's!
Needless to say...I have gotten quite the tan. And although you can't see it in this picture, most of the tan is on my back. haha that's what happens when you're gardening...just so ya know.

Oh...I also did my hair in this picture =) It's a pretty french twist in the back!
(now i just need to learn to do cool things like this to OTHER peoples' hair)

Aside from gardening and getting more tan than ever before, my summer has mostly consisted of reading.
I'm still racing Adam through the Old Testament, although I'm getting pretty far behind as of late =/
I have a script that I've been reading and memorizing for Little Women
I'm reading the BOOK of Little Women for further research
I have other scripts to read to find scenes for ACTF next year
I'm slowly getting through Blue Like Jazz

So yeah...quite a bit of reading.

I'm excited it's August now =)
(although July wasn't too bad...I turned 21, which was pretty fun =)
This month consists of lots and lots of rehearsals, Nathan and Malarie's wedding (which means I get to see Adam and Patrick and lots of other lovely people), a possible dog-sitting gig, and much more!

Now that I'm actually doing stuff around here, I'm so much more happy to be home.
I love being in this crowded little house and I'm even starting to not mind the couch as much.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer!

LOVE this song

You make me smile,
You make me laugh,
You make me care.
How can I explain?
Inside my heart
I feel a pain
When you’re not there.
Though we’re not at all alike,
You make me feel alive.
Yes, we have that in common
That one small thing in common
Our love is like a small umbrella
In the rain

Welcome to my brain.

Here you will find a jumble of happiness, sadness, and sometimes downright insanity.

enjoy yourself.
stay a while.
i hope you leave this page with something new for your own brain to munch on =)


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